How I Started Mother Tucker's Toffee

I started Mother Tucker's Toffee my Senior Year of High School. I knew I had the drive to become a young entrepreneur but, at first, I was not sure what I wanted to do as a small business. As I contemplated my career one night while munching on a piece of Mother Tucker's hit me! I had loved my Great Grandmother Nellie Tucker's toffee since I was a kid, and my very prominent sweet tooth has always been satisfied with Grandmother Nellie’s English Toffee.

The recipe for Grandmother Nellie’s toffee has been in the family for over 100 years, and handed down from generation to generation. It is now up to me to be the keeper of this special recipe and that comes with a lot of family responsibility. I started making Mother Tucker’s Toffee just for family and friends who all loved the old-fashioned toffee. After offering Mother Tucker’s Toffee to my hometown community at our local farmer’s market, I soon realized that I could really develop a profitable business by selling Mother Tucker’s Toffee through an ecommerce-based business. After developing our first website in 2014, Mother Tucker’s Toffee was launched as an online business.

Since I opened Mother Tucker’s Toffee, I have expanded our hand-made, small-batch crafted toffee offerings to now include Almond Crunch, Pistachio Delight, Coffee Toffee, Sea Salt, Golden Nuggets, and Total Indulgence. My personal favorite is Total Indulgence, which is an offering of four of our special toffee flavors in one package. With our easy to use online store, I can now sell Mother Tucker’s Toffee to anyone who has a mailing address and a desire for only the best toffee on the market.

I still plan on selling Mother Tucker’s Toffee through Farmer’s Markets in the Southern California area as I enjoy having personal contact with my customers and hearing their feedback. I am also in the process of placing Mother Tucker’s Toffee in various retail locations. Keep visiting our blog to find out when we will be launching retail!

There are so many creative and inspiring young adults graduating from High School that may want to consider, like I did, not immediately going to college. There is a lot of great business concepts to learn by becoming a young entrepreneur.  I hope to be able to become an inspiration for my peer group and I always welcome questions from others on how to develop a profitable Internet business.

As the Founder of Mother Tucker’s Toffee, my commitment to all of you is to make Mother Tucker's Toffee using the same love and care that my Great Grandmother Nellie did when she crafted each batch of her tasty toffee. Your continued support and comments are greatly appreciated and are all taken into consideration.

I also want our customers to know that I am deeply committed to my family, who have been so supportive of my career with Mother Tucker’s Toffee. We donate 10% of all sales to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Lucas Abramson
Lucas Abramson


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Anne Swift
Anne Swift

October 21, 2016

Kudos to you for going after your dream! I am so proud of you and glad your family has backed you with your dream and vision! You are truly an inspiration to many young adults who share a similar vision. I am so excited to try your toffee. It sounds absolutely fabulous!
I wish you only continued success!

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